Car Valuation Calculator

There are many ways to see how much your car is worth. The most common and most effective way to see the worth of your car is by using a free car valuation calculator online. When you use this calculator, you will be able to value a car, see how much you should pay for a new car and how much you should pay for a used car.

How can a free car valuation calculator help you?

Most people use these calculators to see how much their current car is valued at. This will let them find a price range to sell their car faster. There are certain things you need to know before finding the price range to value my car. When using the free car valuation calculator, the first thing you need to know is the year of your car. Once you enter the year of your car, you will be able to choose from a list of vehicle makes. The make of your car is the brand name. This can be Ford, Chevrolet, Nissan, etc. the drop down list will have ever vehicle make you can possible think of.

The next piece of information you will need is the model. This is the kind of car you have. If you have an F-150 or a cavalier, this is where you would find that car. There is also a drop down menu for the model of your car as well. Once you have found the year, make and model of your vehicle, you will then have to enter in the mileage that is currently on your car. If you don’t know the mileage off of the top of your head, you might have to go and look in your car. Those pieces of information are important to move onto the next stage. Some of these free car valuation calculators will ask for your zip code. They do this so they can compare values that are specific to your current location. The next phase of questions will include the condition your car is currently in.

You will be asked what style your car is. If there are multiple styles for your version of the car, you will have to choose from a list of them. This will include how many doors your car has and whether or not it is a specific model. The next section is based around the power train features. There are a few other features you can look through to make the valuation more thorough. You can choose between power windows, power locks, sun roof, alloy wheels, leather seats and many more options. There are various sites that offer these tools, one in the UK for example is which makes selling really fast and easy. They give your car value online, then collect it from your home if you accept the offer.

The value of your car also depends on who you plan on selling it to. If you want to sell it individually instead of to a dealership, the condition of the car will matter drastically. There are 3 categories that the condition of the car can fall under. There are the excellent, good and fair conditions. To make sure you get the most amount of money for your car, make sure you take good care of it and keep all of your service records. If you have a private number plate you can try selling that separately. By the way if you want to buy your own personal plate I can recommend Car Number Plates.

car valuation calculator

Just a quick update as I have recently sold my car, so I have some updated information as of March 2014. The online car valuation tools are working great right now. I used one for my Ford Focus to help figure out the price it was worth. Just to be sure it was accurate I then checked the Parkers Guide (there are similar books for every country). The prices was accurate and I was given only a bit less than the valuation when part exchanging the vehicle at my local used car dealer in Blackpool. I got a newer car which should last me a couple more years. I’ll try to keep this page updated if I come across anymore information in the meantime.

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